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Auramax Scent Diffuser

1,800 د إ
Unstoppable Scent Diffuser | AURAMAX 1200L | Original Frensh Scents
  • Effective in large areas.
  • Creates a perfect ambiance of good smell.
  • Elegant, discrete and user friendly diffusers.
  • Advanced micro diffusion technology.
  • Digital display with 24 hours operation.
  • Adjustable starting and stopping times.
  • Adjustable diffusion and stand by intervals.
  • Weekend on/off function.
  • Different language choices are available.
  • Easy and clean replacement of aroma oil cartridges.
  • Placing on a flat surface.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Coverage up to 1200 m3.

Micro Bluetooth Scent Diffuser

475 د إ
Micro Scent Diffuser BT Experience the Power of Professional Grade Air Freshening A device with an elegant appearance, combining the precision of the Turkish industry, the elegance of French essential oils, and thanks to modern nanotechnology, the cold perfume spray spreads all over the place quickly and easily, and because we use the purest French perfumes, this makes it last for long periods, saving in the consumption of essential oils and prolongs the life of cartridge oil.

TrioScent Pro 3 Fragrance Diffuser

2,200 د إ
  Strongest Air Freshener In UAE - Trioscent Pro 3 Fragrance In On Diffuser A lampshade-shaped device is an elegant masterpiece that adds a delicate artistic touch to your place, as the Turkish manufacturer has innovated in sealing it and provided it with three packages of original French perfume at once, that is, you live three unique experiments with the magic of French perfumes, and thanks to the modern nanotechnology feature, the cold fragrance spreads in the air quickly and easily, and the fragrance remains stable for long periods, saving in the consumption of essential oils and extending the longer life of cartridge oil.