Rawan Al Khair For General Trading

Rawan Al-Khair Company is an extension of a history of hard work Maro Business Center for Businessmen Service Company, which Founded in 1997 in the Arab Republic of Egypt And it developed and has branches in the Arab Republic of Egypt And increased development in the field of marketing and cooperation between the company Maro and the Egyptian armed forces through the company National Petroleum Services in 2008 and further development In the field of import and established Maro company for import Commercial agencies and agents for Carpex products Intensive care in 2011

The wheel of growth continued until 2016 when a company was established Rawan Alkhair in the United Arab Emirates with the aim of importing New products to the UAE market and open the door Export of Emirati products to the Arab Republic of Egypt

Why Us ?

Providing a high quality product with appropriate prices to delight customers

Provide after-sales service

  • Opening new markets and providing distinguished services that keep pace with development Technological and cultural of the United Arab Emirates
  •  Providing the best services to make our customers happy
  •  Exporting Emirati products to the Arab Republic of Egypt
  • Provide the best service with the best price
  • To be one of the leading institutions in the field of investment in the region
  • Transparency is the basis of our investment philosophy
  • Import
  • Export
  •  Providing perfumers, sterilizers and hygiene tools
  •  We are unique in providing Egyptian products to the local markets
  • A special team for customer requirements and happiness


We work at a high level From quality to match Customer's requirement


Convenient pricing

We are the best in the market In terms of offering prices Unparalleled competitiveness


Standard Time

We seek to meet Customer needs in The fastest time and the best quality



We always strive to provide the latest And the latest devices and products In our field of work